Lean & Clean during the week, Low & Slow on the weekend

It's all about the balance in cooking and eating habits. Weekdays can be hectic. Light, lean, quick cooking/grilled meals will keep you on track during the week. Slow down on the weekends and enjoy some time in the kitchen or on the BBQ with food that takes time and patience to complete.

When I think about time spent at the grill, I recall a lifetime of experience sharing quality time with family and friends. I can't remember all the different food I have grilled over the years, but I cherish the memories of hanging out around the grill, sharing stories, swapping recipes, and making plans for the next gathering. Imagining the great taste and smells of grilled food sparks up nostalgia I will never forget.

Food should be a conscious, evolving part of our lives and we should enjoy every minute of it. 

Eat....Like You Mean It!

G|Cooks Top 10 Grilling Tips

  1. Stay organized: Know your recipe. Have a list of everything you will need, including ingredients, tools, fuel and beverages.

  2. Keep a clean grill: Clean your grill grates completely. When your grill is clean and cool, lightly oil your grates with canola oil so that it will be ready to go on a moment's notice.
  3. Preheat and prepare: Preheat your grill to the desired cooking temperature before placing food on the grill (At least 500° for searing and direct grilling and 350° for indirect grilling).
  4. Tools of the trade: Long handled tongs and spatulas are great tools for turning food on a hot grill. Avoid piercing your food with forks and knives or you will lose valuable juices from your prized recipes.
  5. Season your food: Rubs and marinades are great ways to add flavor, but even if it's salt, pepper and a little olive oil, you will bring out the natural flavors of your food.
  6. No peeking: During indirect and rotisserie grilling, keep the grill lid closed as much as possible. You will lose valuable heat and smoke, adding time and decreasing the flavor of your food.
  7. Know the Temp: A built-in temperature gauge is great to help control the heat inside your grill. You should also invest in a quality instant-read thermometer to reassure perfectly grilled foods every time. 
  8. Get in position: When installing or positioning your grill, make sure to consider year-round access and wind direction.
  9. Man your station: Don't leave your grill unattended, especially during direct grilling.
  10. Give it some R & R: Let your grilled food, especially larger cuts of meat and poultry, rest before serving. This will relax the meat and the juices will be redistributed. 
    The Official Chef of Lynx Grills


The Official Chef of Lynx Grills