As an ambitious chef who’s always looking for new tastes, Glenn created what he needed.
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Some chefs find solace in their own quiet kitchens. Not Glenn. He likes the social aspect of cooking. Read more...

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As an ambitious chef who’s always looking for new flavors, Glenn often came upon situations where he needed better products to move forward. So he created them himself. These include a line of four proprietary seasonings, all bearing the GCooks brand:

  • Creole Soul — A Championship blend of herbs and spices that will satisfy your soul. Great on poultry, meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Fiesta Blast — This balanced blend of Southwest flavors is sure to bring the party to every table. Great in fajitas, tacos, chili and more.
  • Island Jerk — This Caribbean blend is a combination of spicy and sweet that would place you on any island. Great on chicken, fish and pork.
  • Citrus Sea Salt — This bright blend of Celtic Gray Sea Salt, citrus, herbs and spices will enliven the flavors of your favorite seafood and vegetables.